Storage and Warehousing Services in Minot, North Dakota: Preferred, proven and perfect for you

The need for secure, short-term storage often arises when selling your home or preparing for a move. To make your move easy and quick, Roger Ward North American, a North American Van Lines Company delivers effective storage and warehousing services in Minot, North Dakota. The storage and warehousing services from Roger Ward Moving and Storage come with individualized service, state-of-the-art systems and a tradition of exceeding expectations.

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Your reliable choice for storage and warehousing services

Whatever your moving needs, Roger Ward Moving and Storage can offer personalized, services that includes moving, packing and storage. You can rely on our dependable team to efficiently pack, move, unpack and even assemble your items and offer other basic services.

Our storage and warehousing facility offers the following features:

  • Security gate - passcode entrance only
  • The entire site is fenced in
  • Police check area after hours
  • Fire controlled sprinklers
  • Entire area is paved for your convenience
  • 70 foot long scale - for the biggest of loads

You can depend on Roger Ward Moving and Storage storage and warehousing services

In addition to being a part of the industry's top-moving network, Roger Ward Moving and Storages storage and warehousing services is acknowledged for its experience of 45 years and accomplished expertise in offering customized, affordable moving options.